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Esophagus tissue engineering : in vitro generation of esophageal epithelial cell sheets and viability on scaffold

Atrésie de l'oesophage

Achalasie Mise au point Orphanet

Atrésie de l'oesophage Mise au point Orphanet

La sténose de l'anastomose chez les enfants opérés d'une atrésie de l'oesophage

Mental health and psychosocial functioning in adolescents with esophageal atresiaMental health and psychosocial functioning in adolescent with esophageal atresia

IPP Article pour la revue Machouille

Assisted reproductive technology and major structural birth defects in the United States

Devenir à moyen et long terme des enfants atteints d'une atrésie de l'oesophage

Atrésie de l'oesophage - Journal des femmes

Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders Induced by Esophageal Atresia Surgery: Is It Valid in Humans?

Aortopexy for the treatment of tracheomalacia in children: review of the literature

Characteristics and management of congenital esophageal stenosis: findings from a multicenter study

Thoracoscopic Aortopexy for Tracheomalacia

Article sur l'atrésie de l'oesophage pour la revue Gazeta dla legarzy

Treatment of esophageal achalasia in children: Today and tomorrow

Atrésie de l'oesophage pour le journal des femmes

Motility, digestive and nutritional problems in Esophageal Atresia

National Esophageal Atresia Register

Posttraumatic Stress Reactions in Parents of Children Esophageal Atresia

Position Paper of iNoeA WorkingGroup on Long-Gap esophageal Atresia: For Better care : David C. van der Zee1, Pietro Bagolan, Christophe Faure, Frederic Gottrand, Russell Jennings, Jean-Martin Laberge, Marcela Hernan Martinez Ferro, Benoît Parmentier, Rony Sfeir and Warwick Teague

Imortance of an international registry for and collaborative research on esophageal atresia

Dysmotility in esophageal Atresia : Pathophysiology, Characterization, and Treatment. Christophe Faure* and Franziska Righini Grunder

A patient led, international study of long term outcomes of esophageal atresia : EAT1. Evelyn Svoboda ; JoAnne Fruithof ; AnkeWidenmann-Grolig ; Graham Slater ; Frederic Armand ; BernhardWarner ; Simon Eaton ; Paolo De Coppi ; Edward Hannon

Update Oesophageal Atresia-tracheoesophageal fistula. Frontiers Research Topics. October 2017

Current treatment of tracheoesophageal fistula. Changzhi Zhou, Yi Hu, Yang Xiao and Wen Yin. Therapeutic Advances in Respiratory Disease. 2017.

ESPGHAN-NASPGHAN Guidelines for the evaluation and treatment of gastrointestinal and nutritional complications in children with esophagageal atresia-tracheosophageal fistula. U. Krishnan, H. Moussa, L. Dall'Oglio, N. Homaira, R. Rosen, C. Faure, F. Gottrand. JPGN- Volume 3 - Number 5 - November 2016.

Four cancer cases after esophageal atresia repair: Time to start screening the upper gastrointestinal tract. Floor WT Vergouwe, Madeleine Gottrand, Bas PL Wijnhoven, Hanneke IJsselstijn, Guillaume Piessen, Marco J, Bruno, René MH Wijnen, Manon CW Spaander. World J Gastroenterol ; 2018 March 7; 24(9): 1056-1062

Laryngotracheal Abnormalities in Esophageal Atresia Patients: A Hidden Entity. A Conforti ; L Valfrè1, M Scuglia1, M Trozzi , D Meucci, S Sgrò . S Bottero and P Bagolan. Frontiers in Pediatric. 18/12/2018